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In early 2018, there were a recorded 534,621 people living with a dementia diagnosis in the UK. As dementia specialists, we pride ourselves on alleviating the difficulties that sufferers and their relatives may experience.

Dementia is common amongst adults over the age of 65, although there are currently over 42,000 younger people suffering with the condition. To help families adjust to having a relative with dementia, Delore offers respite and 24/7 care from one of our many qualified carers.

With our approach, person-centred and considerate, we can give your loved one the dignity they deserve and help them enjoy the familiarity of a stable routine.

How We Help People Live with Dementia

Whether it’s Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, our team makes every effort to learn about your loved one’s home and routine in order to reinforce what they’re used to.

Upon request, we can make adjustments or organise activities to mitigate the worst effects of memory loss. These include regularly scheduled meal times, sitting with customers and reminiscing over mementos and other keepsakes, and redecorating with soothing colours and familiar photographs.

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Delore Care

We started as a family business in a small office 10 years ago and are now situated across three sites with over 500 carers.

Opening our second office in London in 2007, we’re committed to delivering more than 15,000 hours of personal care each week.

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